Monthly Archives: June, 2014

Townville Old Home Days, July 12 parade.  I look forward to the event and meeting you there!



If anyone has information on upcoming local parades please send me the dates and times.  I welcome meeting you and listening to your concerns and comments.  Have a wonderfully safe summer everyone!  134 days until we vote November 4.  Mark your calendars please!

Mead Avenue Bridge

Hope to see you at the public meeting concerning the Mead Avenue Bridge in Meadville.  We have been struggling along without this vital access for seven years.  Let’s hope this meeting will show us the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Just Beginning

Hurrah to Annie K. the best webber in the world.  Couldn’t begin without her!

Political Statement

As your representative, I promise to…

  • ensure our local governments and school districts are not forced to increase taxes because the state has failed to provide its fair share
  • defend the rights of women
  • investigate logical, equitable, and realistic sources of new revenue and curtail the unfair tax advantages large corporations have over the small business entrepreneur
  • encourage new business interests which include long-term employment opportunities that provide a living wage and a useable product
  • defend the rights and promised benefits of employee contracts
  • make informed decisions when voting which will never be driven by the concern for how that vote will effect my next re-election
  • protect the liberties of all Pennsylvanians, infant to elder.