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Calling, Knocking and Parade

Since my last post I have been disturbing the peace of voters in Vernon Township,  precincts 2 and 3.  I have enjoyed the friendly receptions and numerous conversations about where to vote and why I have chosen to run for office.

This past Saturday, July 26, I participated in the Conneautville Bicentennial Parade with fellow Democrats Wayne Hanson (PA 17th) and Michael Muha (Senate 50th).  The rain drops threatened but the wonderful spirits of all the spectators shone through providing a very pleasant walk for all.  I was particularly impressed with the many “thank yous” I heard everytime candy was hand delivered or thrown.  The organization of the event was equally pleasing.  It’s obvious that the Conneautville community has much of which to be proud.

This weekend brings “Thunder in the City” for downtown Meadville.  Please drop by and visit the Democratic booth at this event.  I plan to be there the majority of the event and I would welcome meeting you!


July 13-19

This week we officially began canvassing. A few calls Sunday evening followed by walking with Ellen Monday. A brief break to enjoy the grandsons Tuesday through Thursday. The highlight was watching the oldest learn to ride without training wheels! Back to door knocking Thursday evening, house party Friday night, phone banking with Ellen this morning and picnic for Muha this evening. More adventures next week. I look forward to learning more about the people of District 6 and the new experiences of this political effort.

Townville Parade

This morning with the able assistance of Annie, Ellen and Joseph we decorated the car in 20 minutes and became Unit 81 in the Townville “Old Home Days” Parade. It was a fast moving parade. I’m not sure what ran out first, our candy or the speed of my legs! Seriously, the morning was a complete joy and I so appreciated the Townville welcome. A very well organized event and a lovely tribute to a fine community.

Visiting a capitol

Monday was a visit to the capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.  As we entered we heard glorious singing (music to a music teacher’s ears!) from under the dome.  A group of 15-20 AFL-CIO members were protesting the governor’s attack on their unions.  I met three folks, sang along and have a souvenir song book.

The purpose of the visit was to tour the magnificent structure.  It was beautiful.  While the tour guide explained each of the areas (in the Governors Hearing Room I found out I had randomly chosen the Lt. Governor’s chair)  a renewed pride of being American, whose country is founded on freedoms so many others can only imagine, welled within me.  Happy July 4 and Happier November 4, 2014!