Political Fever Building

Yesterday afternoon was the official opening of the Wolf/Buzzaro Campaign Headquarters at 1101 Peninsula Drive, Erie.   Mr. Buzzaro is the incumbent Democratic candidate for the 3rd District and of course Mr. Wolf the Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania.  It was standing room only as Mr. Wolf graciously and patiently shook hands and posed for countless photographs.  Nearly all of the regional candidates where there including: Dan LaVallee, 3rd congressional, Michael Muha, 50th PA Senate, Kurt Smith, PA 4th, and Flo Fabrizo who is unopposed in his Erie County race.  My student intern Ellen and I made certain that we had shutters flying.  I also discovered that my skill at taking a “selfie” needs a tremendous amount of refinement.

I was able to converse with several voters during the Meadville Market House “Second Saturday” this past weekend.  The energy one receives from the contact with fellow community members can not really be described.  The closer we get to November should prove this energy to be an overwhelming experience!  

This morning which extended to the afternoon was an informative and insightful visit with former  



county commissioner Roger Williams and his wife Betty.  Their wisdom and patience are the fully evident in the polished gem of their wisdom.  Betty also artfully listed 20 persons who will be valuable contacts on the campaign journey.

This Thursday is Crawford County Fair Democratic booth assembly, 6 PM.  All are welcome to assist and offer their creativity in arranging and decorating the booth.  I’d like to have a ‘selfie’ area in the space which could prove to be an impossible squeeze.  If you can’t make the set-up party see you at the Fair August 16-23!


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