Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Final Forty

Since the Crawford County Fair weekends and Wednesdays have been intense door knocking and phone banking. The county democrats were able to secure a headquarters in downtown Meadville so our efforts begin by meeting at 926 Diamond Park in Meadville. My campaign has been blessed with the assistance of the Wolf Campaign directors for NW PA Michael Moser and Carrie Sachse. Within the last two weeks we have more than doubled our voter outreach numbers.
Nearly every Tuesday has been an event to attend. September 24 was a dinner meeting with the PSEA Leadership of Northwestern PA. Over 60 fellow PSEA members who are Presidents or Vice Presidents were in attendance as several candidates, including myself, were given time to speak. This coming Tuesday is a meet and greet at Wesbury in Meadville. Fellow dem Janice Embidge made the arrangement.
Last Saturday was a full day beginning with five hours of door knocking, 2.5 hours of serving at the local Masonic Dinner and finally our annual fall dinner of the county Democratic Party.
We can always use another caller and Saturday walkers. No prior experience is necessary.
On to November 4!