Getting Down to the Wire

Are you ready for some voting!!??!! Well two weeks from today and one more hour and our decisions will be finalized. How does one say exciting and overwhelming in one word? This next week just might give me a hands on idea of what that is.

Tomorrow a phone interview with the local newspaper “The Meadville Tribune.” I have not been given any information as to what will be asked so how does one prepare? I continue to rely on “honesty is the best policy” whenever I am faced with any questions. I have been so wearied by politicians who continually skirt around the edge of the issues in fear of loosing a vote. I vowed from the beginning to say what I mean. No chance I will change that decision now! Then at 5:30 on to the next to last phone banking evening at Crawford County Dems Headquarters, 926 Diamond Park, Meadville.

Thursday, October 23, two commitments: PA Association of Curriculum Directors meeting in Edinboro at 5:30 PM and then continuing northward to the Erie County Democratic Party’s Fall Dinner at 7:00 PM. I’m lucky they are 20 minutes apart and I’ll have a delicious meal with fellow partisans to end the day.

Friday, October 24: Meet and Greet at the Unitarian Church Activities Room also in Meadville. It begins at 7:00 PM. Our state 50th Senatorial Candidate, Michael Muha will also be there.

Saturday: Door knocking as it is the last “Day of Action” in combination with the Wolf Campaign. Then the annual Meadville Halloween Parade which begins at 6:30 PM. The local Democratic Party is #87. Come see what “Purple Power” is all about and enjoy a rain free evening – so the weatherman promises! P. S. If you’d like to be part of the power, let me know!

Sunday: I believe it is a day of rest! Oh no, must prep for Tuesday’s debate.

Tuesday, October 28: Candidate Forum sponsored by the “Meadville Tribune”. Find us on McMath Road, Vernon Township Building at 6:00 PM. I will certainly appreciate the support so please come join us if you are able!

That’s the week. I know nothing happening on Monday, yet.


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