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Getting Down to the Wire

Are you ready for some voting!!??!! Well two weeks from today and one more hour and our decisions will be finalized. How does one say exciting and overwhelming in one word? This next week just might give me a hands on idea of what that is.

Tomorrow a phone interview with the local newspaper “The Meadville Tribune.” I have not been given any information as to what will be asked so how does one prepare? I continue to rely on “honesty is the best policy” whenever I am faced with any questions. I have been so wearied by politicians who continually skirt around the edge of the issues in fear of loosing a vote. I vowed from the beginning to say what I mean. No chance I will change that decision now! Then at 5:30 on to the next to last phone banking evening at Crawford County Dems Headquarters, 926 Diamond Park, Meadville.

Thursday, October 23, two commitments: PA Association of Curriculum Directors meeting in Edinboro at 5:30 PM and then continuing northward to the Erie County Democratic Party’s Fall Dinner at 7:00 PM. I’m lucky they are 20 minutes apart and I’ll have a delicious meal with fellow partisans to end the day.

Friday, October 24: Meet and Greet at the Unitarian Church Activities Room also in Meadville. It begins at 7:00 PM. Our state 50th Senatorial Candidate, Michael Muha will also be there.

Saturday: Door knocking as it is the last “Day of Action” in combination with the Wolf Campaign. Then the annual Meadville Halloween Parade which begins at 6:30 PM. The local Democratic Party is #87. Come see what “Purple Power” is all about and enjoy a rain free evening – so the weatherman promises! P. S. If you’d like to be part of the power, let me know!

Sunday: I believe it is a day of rest! Oh no, must prep for Tuesday’s debate.

Tuesday, October 28: Candidate Forum sponsored by the “Meadville Tribune”. Find us on McMath Road, Vernon Township Building at 6:00 PM. I will certainly appreciate the support so please come join us if you are able!

That’s the week. I know nothing happening on Monday, yet.


Final Forty

Since the Crawford County Fair weekends and Wednesdays have been intense door knocking and phone banking. The county democrats were able to secure a headquarters in downtown Meadville so our efforts begin by meeting at 926 Diamond Park in Meadville. My campaign has been blessed with the assistance of the Wolf Campaign directors for NW PA Michael Moser and Carrie Sachse. Within the last two weeks we have more than doubled our voter outreach numbers.
Nearly every Tuesday has been an event to attend. September 24 was a dinner meeting with the PSEA Leadership of Northwestern PA. Over 60 fellow PSEA members who are Presidents or Vice Presidents were in attendance as several candidates, including myself, were given time to speak. This coming Tuesday is a meet and greet at Wesbury in Meadville. Fellow dem Janice Embidge made the arrangement.
Last Saturday was a full day beginning with five hours of door knocking, 2.5 hours of serving at the local Masonic Dinner and finally our annual fall dinner of the county Democratic Party.
We can always use another caller and Saturday walkers. No prior experience is necessary.
On to November 4!

Connecting at the Fair

August 16-23 was spent meeting people at the Crawford County Fair while at the county Democratic Party booth.  We had mostly pleasant weather with only one off and on rainy day.  I was able to make over 140 strong contacts.

We were also registering, changing party or changing address for voters as an outreach service.   I am happy to pass along that our efforts netted 40 forms completed with over one third of those changing party!  Another exciting accomplishment for the county party was the securing of a headquarters through the end of November.  The address is 926 Diamond Park, Meadville, Pennsylvania and all persons who wish to get more active in our party at the local level are encouraged visit.  We will be set up soon and have our first monthly meeting in the facility September 4 at 7 PM.  Our chairman, Pat Donahue, wants everyone to know that we have signs and literature for all candidates.  All of us who are candidates need you to help by phone banking, knocking, contributing and taking yard signs.  It is my personal goal to have signs only in individuals yards and all polling places.  I am not a fan of intersection littering which happens every political season.

The mountain top experience of the week at the fair was assisting two 72 year old citizens as they registered to vote for the first time.  If there was a second it would have been explaining to a 5 year old what was the purpose of political parties.  Turn on teacher mode.  I think he understood….he smiled and said thank you!

Finally, fair food and fair events….my personal favorites – locally made ice cream (hand dipped and soft serve), fresh baked pies,  fresh cut french fries and sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions.  The event – draft horse pulling contest.

Events this week – school begins for students in our district August 27, celebration of the 19th amendment on the capitol steps tomorrow, August 26 and my high school class reunion this Saturday, August 30.

Political Fever Building

Yesterday afternoon was the official opening of the Wolf/Buzzaro Campaign Headquarters at 1101 Peninsula Drive, Erie.   Mr. Buzzaro is the incumbent Democratic candidate for the 3rd District and of course Mr. Wolf the Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania.  It was standing room only as Mr. Wolf graciously and patiently shook hands and posed for countless photographs.  Nearly all of the regional candidates where there including: Dan LaVallee, 3rd congressional, Michael Muha, 50th PA Senate, Kurt Smith, PA 4th, and Flo Fabrizo who is unopposed in his Erie County race.  My student intern Ellen and I made certain that we had shutters flying.  I also discovered that my skill at taking a “selfie” needs a tremendous amount of refinement.

I was able to converse with several voters during the Meadville Market House “Second Saturday” this past weekend.  The energy one receives from the contact with fellow community members can not really be described.  The closer we get to November should prove this energy to be an overwhelming experience!  

This morning which extended to the afternoon was an informative and insightful visit with former  



county commissioner Roger Williams and his wife Betty.  Their wisdom and patience are the fully evident in the polished gem of their wisdom.  Betty also artfully listed 20 persons who will be valuable contacts on the campaign journey.

This Thursday is Crawford County Fair Democratic booth assembly, 6 PM.  All are welcome to assist and offer their creativity in arranging and decorating the booth.  I’d like to have a ‘selfie’ area in the space which could prove to be an impossible squeeze.  If you can’t make the set-up party see you at the Fair August 16-23!

What has been happening?

Our past weekend at “Thunder in the City” proved to be a pleasant way to meet voters face-to-face to request their support and hear their concerns and opinions.   We completed Saturday with a trip to the Cambridge Springs parade.  While it began with a soggy start delayed by an hour of torrential rain and hail we finished in the sunshine seeing smiling faces all along the way.

This week was also exciting as my newly printed business cards arrived with the additions of website and Facebook connections.  Additionally, with stretching of the campaign funds, Pat was able to order t-shirts which I have dubbed “purple power.”  The front displays the yard sign design while we added in two lines on the back with these words: “If not now when…..2014   (next line)  Vote November 4.”

The “purple power” received its first public exposure last evening at the Cochranton Parade.  It was a beautiful evening, a fantastic crowd with a three car Democratic contingent.  I was very pleased that Wayne Hanson (Democratic nominee for the 17th District) and I were joined by support of the Donahue, Adsit, Bradshaw and Brown families.  The smaller members, all young ladies, looked great in “purple power” while they enjoyed throwing candy during the route.


Calling, Knocking and Parade

Since my last post I have been disturbing the peace of voters in Vernon Township,  precincts 2 and 3.  I have enjoyed the friendly receptions and numerous conversations about where to vote and why I have chosen to run for office.

This past Saturday, July 26, I participated in the Conneautville Bicentennial Parade with fellow Democrats Wayne Hanson (PA 17th) and Michael Muha (Senate 50th).  The rain drops threatened but the wonderful spirits of all the spectators shone through providing a very pleasant walk for all.  I was particularly impressed with the many “thank yous” I heard everytime candy was hand delivered or thrown.  The organization of the event was equally pleasing.  It’s obvious that the Conneautville community has much of which to be proud.

This weekend brings “Thunder in the City” for downtown Meadville.  Please drop by and visit the Democratic booth at this event.  I plan to be there the majority of the event and I would welcome meeting you!

July 13-19

This week we officially began canvassing. A few calls Sunday evening followed by walking with Ellen Monday. A brief break to enjoy the grandsons Tuesday through Thursday. The highlight was watching the oldest learn to ride without training wheels! Back to door knocking Thursday evening, house party Friday night, phone banking with Ellen this morning and picnic for Muha this evening. More adventures next week. I look forward to learning more about the people of District 6 and the new experiences of this political effort.

Townville Parade

This morning with the able assistance of Annie, Ellen and Joseph we decorated the car in 20 minutes and became Unit 81 in the Townville “Old Home Days” Parade. It was a fast moving parade. I’m not sure what ran out first, our candy or the speed of my legs! Seriously, the morning was a complete joy and I so appreciated the Townville welcome. A very well organized event and a lovely tribute to a fine community.

Visiting a capitol

Monday was a visit to the capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.  As we entered we heard glorious singing (music to a music teacher’s ears!) from under the dome.  A group of 15-20 AFL-CIO members were protesting the governor’s attack on their unions.  I met three folks, sang along and have a souvenir song book.

The purpose of the visit was to tour the magnificent structure.  It was beautiful.  While the tour guide explained each of the areas (in the Governors Hearing Room I found out I had randomly chosen the Lt. Governor’s chair)  a renewed pride of being American, whose country is founded on freedoms so many others can only imagine, welled within me.  Happy July 4 and Happier November 4, 2014!

Townville Old Home Days, July 12 parade.  I look forward to the event and meeting you there!